The Rough Spots

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The Rough Spots

A woman was sitting with God, looking back on her life, becoming aware of all that He had walked her through, even the roughest spots, even when she didn’t know He was there.

God had a giant sifter, and in it He had the sands of her life. As He sifted, He separated all of the beautiful and soft sands of her self and life from the hard, rough pieces that had burrowed into the pure sand and didn’t quite fit.

When He was finished sifting, she saw herself fully separated from all of the rough pieces and jagged edges, the hurts and disappointments from past circumstances and relationships, the shame from her own past decisions and mistakes. She felt clean and renewed, free and at peace.

Then, to her surprise, God lifted up the rough, ugly pieces left behind in the sifter that He had separated from her now clean and perfect sand. The rough pieces were hard and covered in dirt, ugly and messy, but He didn’t throw them away. Instead, He carefully washed them clean, polished them, put His touch on them, and made them beautiful. Before her eyes, she saw Him turn all of her worst experiences and moments, deepest hurts and ugliest scars, into the most beautiful artwork she had ever seen. Then He reincorporated the now beautiful and redeemed hard rocks back into the soft sand of who she was. And it all fit together in the most perfect way.

She had always thought that feeling and being better would mean that those rough spots were completely removed from her life and memories. Instead, He showed her that the rough spots were an important part of who she was. Everyone has rough spots.  Hers helped her relate to other people, to help hurting people as they struggled through their own rough patches.  Now that she looked closely, she saw that it was actually the colorful and asymmetrical rough pieces that made her plain white sand unique and beautiful, that had shaped her into a strong and wise person, that gave her character and depth.  How had she neglected to notice it while she was collecting those rough pieces?  Each one was hard and messy when she picked it up, but it came with an opportunity she now realized, and once it was thoroughly sifted and redeemed, it was worth much, priceless, and she would not trade it for anything.



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