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This morning I took Bug and Bear to “The Sandbox Park” as Bug has appropriately named it for its giant sandbox (we’re not the most creative namers over here, which is why I call my husband “Husband”, and all of our stuffed animals have names like “Giraffe”, “Brown Dog”, “White Dog”, “Pink Dog”, “Flat Dog”, you get the idea). I used to detest going to The Sandbox Park because it’s just so sandy, but then the weather started getting warmer and I noticed that when the sun is shining and I kick my flip flops off and bury my toes in the warm sand, if I close my eyes a little, it feels a lot like being at the beach. I love being warm and sandy at the beach. Thus began my love affair with The Sandbox Park, which my children occasionally get sick of, but I never do.

Then this afternoon we went swimming in our “pool.” When Husband first brought this 8 feet in diameter, 2 feet deep inflatable pool home, I turned my nose up at it, and while my mouth formed the words, “Wow, thanks,” my brain thought, “We will never use that.” But then Husband brought it to life with water and I took Bug and Bear out to swim, and when I got in it to play with my girls it was cool and refreshing and perfect because the girls could stand up in it all the way across. When I sat beside it with my feet propped up soaking in the sun, if I squinted just a little, it felt like an actual pool.

There was a time Husband and I entertained the idea of moving to the beach. There was another time we were shopping for nice houses with beautiful swimming pools in the backyard. Instead of either of those scenarios, we ended up selling our house and downsizing a bit into a smaller home, with no pool, situated pretty solidly inland.

When I sit at my pretend beach or sunbathe next to my inflatable pool, I realize I’m not disappointed that those dream scenarios didn’t exactly pan out. I love where we are, it’s just right for right now. And when I look at it just right, it feels like exactly what I wanted. Its just a matter of perspective.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your writing….brings back a lot of memories for me 32 to 45 years ago raising my children ..Mama’s great grand daughters are beautiful…She would be so proud of them and you and Joey too .I So hope that one of these days we can meet….Love Aunt Betty

    • Thanks, Betty! Your feedback means a lot to me! And yes, a meeting is a must but I feel like I know you even without one!

  2. I love you friend!!! As I read this, I thought about what you are teaching your girls!!! So good!! They are so blessed to have you as their Mommy!!!

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