Guest Post: Our Heavenly Father

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Guest Post: Our Heavenly Father

Have you had that moment yet where you realize… “I am my mother”? If not, give it more time, it will happen. I am not only old enough at this point to admit that I’ve become my mother, but also to say I’m thrilled about it. She’s neat.

On a recent visit to her house, I learned something about my mom that I’ve never known in 36 years – she writes. Another thing I discovered we have in common. She showed me some of her writing and I loved it. I asked her if she would let me share the story below on my blog and she said yes. Enjoy!


Bear, 13 months old, stood beside the chair, apparently seeing challenge in the rungs of the legs and felt the call of the flat hard seat. As she began to climb, Celia calmly picked her up to prevent a mishap, surely protecting the petite child. Repositioning herself among the guests at the birthday party, Celia put Bear down. Moments later, Bear, exiting the room of festivities, tiny legs marching in determination, her mother quietly got up to follow. Bear took the long route, and in determination, found her way back to the kitchen zeroing in on the object of her desire. Celia, in her wisdom, stood and watched as the child climbed up and proudly sat in the seat. Once positioned, her mission accomplished, Mom pick up the toddler and returned to the party. Upon putting Bear down, to her surprise, her child was now content, having accomplished her mission.

In much the same way, our Heavenly Father will give us reign to accomplish those things that we see as necessary and important, all the while keeping watchful eye, ready to rescue, to protect; allowing us to exercise our free will and to fall, if necessary. Are we content with mission accomplished? Have we discovered our capabilities once the goal is reached? Are we content to remain with Him, much as Bria was content to stay close to Mom once she was allowed to exercise her own will. Do we know, as the small child shows, without our Protector we are on a mission without the watchful eye; that the only help we have is of ourselves?


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