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I read this story, From Jail to Harvard, a few days ago. It’s an inspiring story about the difference a teacher can make in the life of a struggling, hurting student.

My family’s story is far less dramatic, but I wanted to share it with my teacher friends as encouragement as you head back to school. I know you have a tremendous opportunity to reach those struggling kids in desperate situations, but I wonder if you ever know what a difference you also make in the lives of the kids who seem to be fine.

Last year my Bug attended a wonderful preschool that was close to our home. Her start of school came at a time that our family was going through enormous change, transition, and stress. With a needy refluxy baby, Husband working long hours, and no family close by for support, I was feeling a little desperate for help with my kids. I especially felt like Bug needed someone in addition to Husband and myself who would invest in her and love on her as an extra dose of support. Her sweet teachers did exactly that. They invested in her and loved her, and I watched her thrive in response.

Bug started playing school and pretending to be her favorite teacher at home. She chatted happily in the car after I picked her up on school days about her new friends and new found knowledge. She learned so much. I could tell she felt loved.

No one would have known the stress weighing on my family or how much Bug just needed a little extra attention. In fact, I asked in a teacher conference if there were any concerns since our family had been through so many changes in a short period of time, and her teacher was surprised as she told me she never would have known. Bug looks like a happy kid who lives in a stable family where she gets lots of love – she is a happy kid and she does get lots of love, but she still benefitted from the different relationship she had with her teachers in a way that dramatically increased her security and confidence.

These women were so much more than just teachers – they were extra support and care for our entire family when we desperately needed it. They made an enourmous difference for us during a difficult time, without realizing how significant their role was or what an impact they had. I wonder if teachers ever know what a difference they make. I believe all of the kids in your care this year need your influence and love more than you realize, and it means more than you’ll ever know. Thank you for all that you do, and happy back to school!




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