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Here are my favorites, enjoying a family day ~ I love these people the most



My Bug ~ full of joy, loves adventure, fearless




My Bear ~ cautious but confident, super smart, determined




Husband and Bug ~ she's a daddy's girl, he's the best daddy




Husband and Bear ~ she thinks he's hilarious




Mommy and Bear ~ this one's a momma's girl 🙂





Mommy and Bug ~ this girl's got personality, she makes me laugh all the time




  1. Thank you for sharing your joy in the midst of trials. You are an awesome woman, and incredible wife and the best Mom ever. Love you so much.

    • I love you too, Mom 🙂

  2. What a beautiful website!! You are a wonderful writer and I am so blessed to know you!! I agree with your Mom!! And you are the best friend any person could ever have. Thank you for sharing and I am so excited to read more!! I love you my friend!! Shari

    • Thank you, sweet Shari! You know I could write a book about how much your friendship means to me and what a bright spot you are in my life…love you!

  3. C, thank you for sharing all of this and letting me in on it!! I am so grateful to have you in my life. It has been my honor that God has let me walk beside you for the last couple of years… You are an absolute joy and you show me that anyone can do anything… with God’s help and grace! I love you, April

    • I love you, April!

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